We thoroughly sanitize large spaces using disinfectants that have been formulated to kill coronaviruses and other harmful microorganisms that can live on surfaces. The products we use have been approved by the Government of Canada for killing emergent viral pathogens.

Our team members are fully equipped with masks, gloves, body suits, and foot coverings to prevent the introduction of any additional germs. After each visit, we provide a log that can be posted so that anyone entering the space will know it was recently sanitized.

We are equipped with Electrostatic Sprayers, the new standard in infection control.



South Western Sanitization will provide you with professional consulting to provide insight to help your organization respond, recover and thrive moving forward.



We will supply your company with:

Hand Sanitizer

Face Coverings


Boot Coverings

Sanitization Products


As an industry leader SWS, has the ability to customize a PPE plan to fit your organizational needs.



We supply and install custom glass barriers that provide a cost effective, durable and aesthetic alternative to traditional plexiglass systems.

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