What kind of disinfectant does Southwestern Sanitization use?

We use a broad-spectrum concentrated disinfectant that is specially formulated to kill viruses and bacteria on a variety of hard surfaces—ideal for use in commercial and industrial facilities, hospitals and nursing homes, sports venues and locker rooms, schools, playgrounds, health clubs, child care facilities, and more. It is non-acidic, making it safe for cleaning a wide variety of materials.

Which surfaces can it clean?

The disinfectant is recommended for use on items including but not limited to finished floors, furniture, bathroom fixtures, exercise equipment and mats, kennels and cages, protective equipment, and operating room surfaces. It is safe for use on granite, marble, porcelain, metal, rubber and plastic surfaces. In fact, because the formula has a neutral pH, it is suitable for cleaning any surface that you could clean with water.

Does the disinfectant kill COVID-19?

The disinfectant we use is on the Government of Canada’s approved list of hard-surface disinfectants, which are recommended for fighting emerging viral pathogens, including COVID-19. It has been proven to kill human coronavirus, SARS-associated coronavirus, as well as viruses including HIV-1, hepatitis, and avian influenza A. It can also eliminate harmful bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, listeria monocytogenes, staphylococcus aureus and more.

How do you ensure all surfaces in the space are thoroughly disinfected?

We disinfect using fogging machines that allow us to easily cover a broad area and ensure that no surfaces go unsanitized.

Can outdoor areas be disinfected?

Yes, playground equipment, outdoor furniture, parking facilities and more are all good candidates for disinfecting.

What’s the benefit of doing regular sanitization?

Aside from preventing the spread of harmful pathogens, regular sanitization will give your employees, customers, and any other visitors to your space the peace of mind that they will not pick up bacteria or viruses from surfaces. With each visit, we will provide a sanitization log that can be posted in your space, detailing when the most recent sanitization was completed.

Is Southwestern Sanitization insured?

Our company is bonded and insured. Certificates are available upon request.